The characters of Butterscotch’s Playground™ have all been developed with specific character traits and roles in mind. 

     The cute and cuddly nature of the puppets immediately has the attention of the children, and the way they interact together captures the imagination of children and adults alike.


Greg is the grounds-keeper at Butterscotch’s Playground. He is the link between the viewer and the characters, inviting the viewer to join in the fun with Butterscotch and his friends as they explore the whole wide world and make it their very own playground.  As the human element of the show, Greg can perform songs with actions that the children can imitate; he can provide the more “personal” relationship with the viewer that links the fantasy world of puppets, with the reality of the world that they (and the child) explore.


Pretty much everything that goes on at the Playground involves a floppy-eared bunny rabbit named “Butterscotch,” and why not?  After all, he is a highly intelligent individual, with a lot of self-confidence and a friendly personality.  Butterscotch is very patient and level-headed and can always be counted on by his friends.  Butterscotch’s role is that of facilitator and sometimes mediator of some of the craziness and zaniness that takes place with Frankie Bananas!

Frankie Bananas®

Some kids grow up dreaming of one day being an astronaut or a fire fighter.  Frankie Bananas, on the other hand, hopes to one day be the biggest star ever to step foot onto the Broadway stage.  With his boater hat and tuxedo, Frankie certainly looks ready to take on the role, but knows he has much work to do before the dream is realised.  His whimsical nature and unpredictable outbursts make him an appealing character to both children and adults. Frankie often provides the fun, spontaneous moments in the show that will make children (and adults) laugh.

Honey Bear™

Honey Bear is extremely creative and imaginative.  She also loves crafts, cooking and dressing up.  Thus, Honey Bear hosts Honey Bear’s Corner, where the children get the opportunity to put their fine motor skills into action by learning Honey’s new craft ideas and recipes.  Honey Bear is also sensitive and caring character, who is very attuned to the feelings of others.


The bright blue bird known as Charles is a very learned character, who is well-read and speaks many languages, thus providing the opportunity for learning words from these languages in each episode.  There is sometimes a bit of a cultural difference between Charles and the other animals—where the others don’t mind getting their hands dirty every now and then, Charles prefers to remain aloof and refined.


As the grandmother of Butterscotch’s Playground™, Owlivia™ loves to have tea with Greg and discuss the themes of the day. Her advice on topics such as, the etiquette of eating a hot dog, is both entertaining and educational.